Monday, January 3, 2011

On the road again

Last week was sort of a mixed bag back here on the East Coast. After Sunday's snowy ride, the roads were anything but safe from Monday on, as we were pounded by a foot and a half of snow. Shoveling out of the way, the recent dumping made for perfect conditions for my new favorite winter activity: cross country skiing.

Despite having just two days on the trails under my belt from our trip to Montana, I excitedly joined Roger, our resident expert on skis (he did grow up doing it) in Cold Spring, NY for cross training (hahaha, I made a pun). Judging by the fact that I only went down once in two hours of skiing on Thursday, I would say it went pretty well.

Though I loved skiing and absolutely plan to do more of it in the coming years, as well as this year if conditions allow, and demand, but I was more than happy to trade in my fiberglass for rubber on Friday. And with the exception of yesterday's dreary fog and drizzle, things have been nothing short of excellent since. Many, many pancakes have been burned and earned, and judging by the forecast, there are many more to come. So far, this new year is getting off on the right foot.

On another note, with my extra long vacation in comparison to most of my friends, I have quite a lot of time to kill. And since I can only ride so much, much of the rest of my time is spent in the kitchen. Tonight, I am making a soba noodle salad with a soy-honey dressing. Tomorrow night is a foray into classical French cooking with coq au vin, courtesy of Julia Child. There will be liquor, and yes, it will be lit on fire.

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  1. Hello Evan, I see that the snow is not a problem to continue with the sport, am glad for you!!

    Here we continue training with the bicycle.
    A very big greeting of your friends of Barcelona.