Monday, January 17, 2011

I'm a big kid now

That's certainly what it feels like at the moment. As of yesterday, I'm finally living in my own house with five friends up at Tufts, where I'll be staying for the next year and a half, through graduation. After a day-plus of building adult Legos (ie. Ikea), my room is all put together and I'm complete moved in. After living abroad for four months in the fall, it's an incredible feeling to have a place that I can really call home, especially now that I am in my own house rather than a cramped and sterile dorm room.

A lot of things and a lot of emotions have been packed into the past two days, so I think they will be best captured in pictures, rather than a mini novella about the moving process. So here they are.

The car on the way up.

A victory beer after the Jets' glorious dethroning of the Pats.

My bed and desk after moving in.

The first meal I cooked in the new house: sauteed potatoes, roast chicken with roast tomato gravy, and green beans.

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